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The mission of the organization is to provide socio-economic development to youth, families, and entrepreneurs of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County through education, collaboration and use of community resources.

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The King's Community Center was founded on the premise that in order to achieve constant elevation, the essence of true success, one must commit to a life of continual learning and development. This statement applies to the interworking of all areas of life.  

Therefore, we provide education-based workforce development programs and social services to youth, adults and entrepreneurs...with a focus on leadership and business development. This organization was established by the King of Kings Baptist Ministry of Pittsburgh's Garfield in 2014.

The King's Community Center is happy to announce the launching of a capital campaign for the forthcoming construction of our facility. We ask that our friends and supporters would play a part in this exciting milestone for the organization. 

Thank you for your interest in The King's Community Center! Check back later for new updates. We are happy to receive donations, as your financial support can make a great impact within the delivery of programs and services! Please use the "Donate" button below.

King of Kings Baptist Ministries

*The King's Community Center emerged as a community outreach ministry of King of Kings in 2014. The church is our primary location.

Address and Directions

5169 Broad Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15224


New Community Center Capital Campaign

King of Kings is working on planning and preparation for its forthcoming Community Center in Pittsburgh's Garfield neighborhood.

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